Portsmouth councillor hits back at comments made by hospital board member

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THE councillor in charge of adult social care at a local authority has hit back at a hospital trust board member who questioned its commitment to helping them.

Councillor Luke Stubbs, from Portsmouth City Council, has hit back after Portsmouth Hospitals Trust non-executive director Mike Attenborough-Cox said Queen Alexandra Hospital’s partner agencies were not doing enough to help them.

It comes as the Cosham site has more than 200 medically-fit-for-discharge patients in its beds.

Cllr Stubbs said: ‘The numbers don’t bear out the claim that the chaos in the hospital is caused by the councils.

‘It’s really disgraceful the way QA management repeatedly try and pin the blame for the hospital’s failing on others.

‘There are more than 200 locum nurses in QA, which is costing a fortune.

‘Why not do something about that, which could then free up money to be spent elsewhere in the system? ‘The extra wage bill is about the same as the council’s entire budget for older people.’

He added: ‘The service provided by the council is very good considering the pressures.’

As previously reported, Mr Attenborough-Cox said it was up to the hospital’s partners to provide the care for patients once their treatment had finished.

He said they were dragging their feet in helping make changes.