Portsmouth hospital in promising cancer trial

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A HOSPITAL in Portsmouth has been involved in a trial run of a cancer treatment that has been proven to prolong lives by months.

St Mary’s Hospital in Milton was one of 46 centres in the UK that tested the success rate of the drug Avastin, which improves overall survival in women with ovarian cancer – the deadliest gynaecological cancer in the UK.

Data collected between October 2006 and February 2009 shows that women left with a tumour after surgery who are at the highest risk of their cancer recurring, lived on average 7.8 months longer when their chemotherapy was combined with the Avastin drug.

And women with advanced ovarian cancer who took Avastin with chemotherapy lived on average four months longer without their disease worsening than those on chemotherapy alone.

Annwen Jones, chief executive of Target Ovarian Cancer, said: ‘It is the first glimmer of hope that there are significant advancements in treatments for ovarian cancer on the horizon at last.’