Portsmouth is most unhygienic city in the UK, says report

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Do you like to take a shower?
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PORTSMOUTH is the dirtiest city in the UK in relation to personal hygiene, a survey has found.

Just 61 per cent of adults in the city said that personal hygiene was very important, compared to 90 per cent in Worcester - the cleanest city.

A study of 2,000 adults undertaken by Geberit AquaClean revealed major differences in personal hygiene routines in the winter compared to the summer, with 33 per cent of Brits halving the amount of time they spend in the bathroom during the colder weather from 30 minutes to just 15.

It’s not just less time that is spent on personal hygiene in winter, but less money, too.

The average monthly spend on personal hygiene products in the UK is £29.57, but 18 per cent of Brits reduce their spending during the winter.