Portsmouth maternity staff set up mental health website for expectant mums

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MATERNITY staff have set up a website giving expectant mums more information on the mental health of pregnant women.

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust has developed the site to help make women aware of the condition and to help them seek guidance if needed.

PHT, which runs Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, trains midwives to support women who may be worried about their mental health.

A spokeswoman said: ‘We have a lead obstetrician for mental health and a specialist perinatal mental health midwife, who are both available to offer additional support with planning for your baby’s birth and for the early postnatal days.’

Women are urged to see their midwife or doctor if they feel anxious most of the time for more than two weeks, their anxiety is making them feel physically ill, they are having panic attacks or are having unpleasant thoughts.

For more information on the service, which launched last month, visit the website at maternalmentalhealth.org.