Portsmouth MP backs drive to get raise profile of virus

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PORTSMOUTH MP Mike Hancock is backing a drive to have a simple £10 test made available on the NHS, which could detect a potentially life-threatening virus in pregnant women.

Mr Hancock, who represents Portsmouth South, is giving his backing to charity, Group B Strep Support (GBSS), after reading Natalie and Michael Frost’s story in The News.

The couple of Paddington Road, North End, were devastated when their first child – who they named Ella – was still born.

She died in the womb after contracting group B streptococcus.

The pair believe a £10 test would have picked up the germ.

GBSS is collecting signatures for an online petition for the test to be made available.

Mr Hancock said: ‘I think it’s admirable the Frost’s are fighting to prevent this happening to another family following their own tragic loss. I can’t think why a £10 test should not be available to women.’

To sign the petition go to gbss.org.uk/epetition.