Portsmouth MP calls on government for greater help for PKU patients

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A CITY MP has called for greater support from the government for carers and patients affected by PKU.

Labour MP Stephen Morgan, who represents Portsmouth South, called for action at Westminster Hall yesterday, after being contacted by a Portsmouth family affected by the condition.

Short for phenylketonuria, PKU is a rare but potentially serious inherited disorder which sees a person’s body unable to break down the amino acid phenylalanine.

This acid can then build up in the blood and brain and can lead to brain damage.

Appearing in Westminster on Tuesday, Mr Morgan urged government to meet with the team behind Kuvan, a once-a-day PKU tablet aid which helps restore the ability of the faulty enzyme to break down phenylalanine.

He said it would be beneficial for PKU sufferers if this was made available on the NHS.

In part, Mr Morgan told government ministers: ‘Chair, PKU is a rare disease, but this shouldn’t mean it deserves any less of our attention.’