Portsmouth mum sheds seven stone after hypnotist tells her she has a gastric band

Dawn Pennell with one of her old work shirts.''''Picture: Allan Hutchings (132728-280)
Dawn Pennell with one of her old work shirts.''''Picture: Allan Hutchings (132728-280)
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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DETERMINED dieter Dawn Pennell has lost seven stone after being hypnotised into thinking she’s had a gastric band fitted.

The 48-year-old, of Stamshaw Road, Stamshaw, put on weight after she broke her leg eight years ago.

At her biggest, she weighed 21st and became depressed.

But then she saw an advert for a ‘hypno-gastric band’.

Dawn, a shop assistant, said: ‘I broke my leg quite badly eight years ago, and started to feel quite low and I would reach for a cookie.

‘I had got to a point where I was so unhappy and didn’t know what to do.’

Dawn, who lives with husband Paul, 48, children Sonny, 23, Alfie, 20, and Harry, 16, admits she wasn’t eating proper meals.

She said: ‘I would skip breakfast, then would go to work and have cheese on toast with mushrooms.

‘Then I would have a cooked dinner for my lunch, such as lasagne with chips, and then carrot cake afterwards.

‘When I got home I would snack on sandwiches and not have a main meal.

‘I would have crumpets with cheese and stuff – my diet was atrocious.

‘There are five of us, and we would buy two loaves of bread a day – I pretty much had a loaf to myself.

‘It wouldn’t be a big deal to have four slices of toast, and have crisps as well.

‘I was getting lazier and depressed, and then I saw the advert in a magazine for hypnosis and thought I would give it a go.’

A gastric band operation is where a ‘belt’ is fitted around the top of the stomach, forcing the patient to eat smaller amounts of food.

Dawn started visiting hypnotherapist Paul Alland, who is based in Fratton, in May last year, who has hypnotised her into thinking she has had a gastric band fitted.

Since then she has lost seven stone, gone from a 22 trouser size to a 16, and from a top size of 30 down to a 20.

Dawn said she is eating smaller portions and healthier foods.

Paul said: ‘I sat down with Dawn and found out what her weaknesses were, and the first session was about finding out about her.

‘Then the next two sessions, she was under hypnosis, where I would talk through the medical gastric band procedure.

‘If people want to lose weight, they should always speak to their GP.’

Dawn said she feels much happier since losing the weight and feels more confident.

A NUTRITIONAL therapist believes hypnotherapy may help with weight loss.

Rachel Jessey runs BeNourished, in Stubbington Lane, Stubbington, and helps people lose weight.

She said: ‘With weight loss there’s always a psychological connection between your mind and what you eat.

‘Often when I talk to people and their relationship with food, you find there’s an element of comfort eating or habit.

‘I can see then, why hypnotherapy can work and help people with weight loss.’