Portsmouth’s dementia wards see a facelift with cash boost

IMPROVEMENT WORK Queen Alexandra Hospital and inset, Matron Bev Vaughan
IMPROVEMENT WORK Queen Alexandra Hospital and inset, Matron Bev Vaughan
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WORK is under way to transform three hospital wards to be more dementia-friendly.

As reported, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs Queen Alexandra Hospital, was awarded more than £450,000 to improve its dementia wards.

Matron Bev Vaughan

Matron Bev Vaughan

It won £466,382 of funding from the Department of Health earlier this year.

The money is being used to improve four wards within the Medicine for Older People Clinical Service Centre.

So far the F4 ward has been adapted.

Changes include bigger signs to show the way out and toilets, better lights, and a theme to run through the different wards.

Matron Bev Vaughan said: ‘We need to finish the floors on F4.

‘Polished floors can make older people think it’s wet, so we’re going to have flooring in that looks like oak effect.

‘They will also be cushioned to help give better support to patients as they are walking.

‘The lighting has been changed so there is better dispersal.’

There are six beds in a ward, and each bed has a name, such as ‘starfish’. In each ward the starfish bed will be in the same position, which means if a patient is transferred, they will not be disorientated.

Bigger clocks with the date and time are also being placed inside each room.

Bev added: ‘It’s all about making our patients feel comfortable and safe in their surroundings.

‘Having the big clocks with the date and time means when people wake up, they know instantly where they are and the time.

‘We’ve had good feedback from families.’

Now the same changes will be made for the G2, G3 and G4 wards.

Some of the money is also being used to create a family room, which will be located on G4.

It will provide an area for patients and their visitors to spend time together in a more relaxed setting.

A competition has been set up to name the family room.

People have until November 13 to send in their suggestions, where a winning name will be selected by a team member.

Email your name, contact details, and suggestion, to G4familyroom@porthosp.nhs.uk