Portsmouth sisters backing Meningitis Week

GP practice group holds dorp-in sessions on smear test

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SISTERS Danielle Jeffery and Joanne Moore are using a family experience to urge the Portsmouth community to be more aware of the dangers of meningitis.

Their mother contracted bacterial meningitis in March and spent 16 days critically ill in hospital.

As part of Meningitis Awareness Week next week, they are calling on people to become more clued up on the symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia.

Danielle said: ‘We were told by the doctors that it would be hour by hour as to whether she would live.

‘The whole family kept a bedside vigil and prayed for her recovery.

‘After a week in intensive care she started to respond to antibiotics and recognise the family.

‘Thankfully she is now back at home and is making progress with her recovery.’

‘The symptoms our mum experienced were so similar to flu so it’s important that everyone is aware of them and seek medical advice as soon as possible.’

To find out more about the symptoms, visit the Meningitis Research Foundation website meningitis.org