Portsmouth workplace challenge for Alcohol Awareness Week

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WORKPLACES are invited to take part in a ‘pour challenge’ as part of Alcohol Awareness Week.

Portsmouth City Council is urging businesses to take part in the challenge between November 17 and 23 to help staff understand alcohol units and national guidelines.

Participants will be asked to pour a glass of their usual tipple. They then get to see how their pour compares to actual unit measures.

Recommended maximum daily allowances are three units for women and four for men.

Dr Janet Maxwell, the council’s director of public health said: ‘Alcohol units can sometimes be tricky to understand.

‘This challenge helps individuals to get a feel of how their pour measures up against national guidelines.

‘We’re running this challenge because if you live in Portsmouth you are 47 per cent to 50 per cent more likely to die of liver disease than the national average.

‘It’s really important that we understand units and guidelines so that we’re 
all able to make better informed decisions if we’re drinking.’

An estimated 17m working days are lost to alcohol-related sickness each year according to the Department of Health.

The council’s challenge aims to improve understanding of alcohol units and guidelines for maximum daily consumption.

For more information and a free pack email communications@portsmouthcc.gov.uk by October 31.