Powerful play about the effects of drugs

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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THERE is a second chance to see a powerful performance showing the effects of drug use on a family.

The Zones of Avoidance project has been created by Portsmouth poet Maggie Sawkins.

It features people in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

Maggie said: ‘My daughter was addicted to heroin for 20 years and always lived nearby, so it’s been difficult not to get caught up in the chaos.

‘If you’re affected by someone in addiction there seems to be only two options.

‘One, the most natural, is to jump in and rescue.

‘The other is to cut yourself off, to demonise the person you love.’

The play features two monologues describing difficult encounters between mother and daughter, and two letters to Maggie’s grandchild, who was given up for adoption at birth.

The play is on at Portsmouth Grammar School on Thursday, October 30, and starts at 7.30pm.

To find out more, call (023) 9281 4875.