Praise as defibrillator is installed at Swanwick Marina

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LIFE-SAVING kit has been put in at a busy marina, on the back of a News campaign that aims to get defibrillators installed in public places.

Premier Marinas has put the defibrillator – kit that works by ‘shocking’ the heart back into action after someone goes into cardiac arrest – in to Swanwick Marina, off Bridge Road.

The equipment used to require hours of training, but now portable, automatic defibrillators are being installed in public places.

This means that even amateur first-aiders can administer them with minimal instruction, delivering vital life-saving action within the first few minutes, increasing someone’s chances of surviving a heart attack by up to 70 per cent.

Swanwick Marina is the first of Premier Marinas’ portfolio of eight marinas to install the equipment.

Andy Osman, general manager at Swanwick Marina, said: ‘This is a great addition to the lifesaving equipment that we already have on site.

‘It is registered with the NHS and local ambulance service and it is available for anyone to use at the marina – in an emergency.’

The new DefibSafe defibrillator is situated on the wall, underneath the reception, adjacent to the berth holders’ laundry facilities.

The defibrillator, which is yellow so it is visible from a distance, guides the operator through the process by verbal instructions and visual prompts, safely emitting a high energy electric shock which restores the heart’s natural rhythm.

Ward councillor Sean Woodward welcomed the installation.

He said: ‘I think it is incumbent for all business premises and anywhere the community has access to to have one on their premises.

‘They are absolutely critical and save lives.

‘They are very easy to use, you cannot make a mistake as the machine talks you through what you need to do.

‘Anything that can be done to help people survive must be applauded.’

Premier Marinas plans to install defibrillators across its other marinas – Southsea in Langstone Harbour, Gosport, Port Solent, Chichester, Falmouth and Eastbourne – in the coming months.