Praise for care given by QA Hospital nurses

Roy Dore with grandaughter Mollie Doris 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (171554-1)
Roy Dore with grandaughter Mollie Doris 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (171554-1)
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NURSES at Queen Alexandra Hospital caring for patients with cancer and their families have been praised.

As part of our We Love QA campaign, readers have got in touch to share their experiences of the Cosham site.

One person showing their gratitude and thanks is Roy Dore who had a family member treated at QA.

They died after battling cancer but Roy, from Gosport, said the family received the best support.

He said: ‘I want to thank the wonderful nurses and Macmillan specialist nurses at QA Hospital.

‘In particular Debbie Edwards was a wonderful nurse who gave myself and family two years of support.

‘Debbie was so lovely and, when our relative died, she like us, bereaved.

‘To us, she became a true friend.’

Roy’s experience of QA Hospital is one shared by hundreds of people who use the hospital.

Since launching our campaign earlier this year we have heard stories of mums thanking midwives who helped when problems arose during labour from heart attack survivors like Barrie Bradshaw who said the medical teams saved his life.

Vernon Hardy, from Cosham, said nurses at QA discovered a tumour and helped him on his road to recovery. He was 88 when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer last year.

He said: ‘No-one wants to be told they have cancer. But you can be diagnosed with bladder cancer and still feel incredibly lucky if you are 
treated at the urology department, at QA.

‘One of their specialist nurses Tracey discovered a tumour and I was taken in for an operation. The anaesthetist Kate Williamson and the sister Melanie, who were in the operating theatre, were so lovely, calming and reassuring before my operation.

‘Afterwards, the nurses were busy but everything was done with a smile, as was the serving of tea and toast.’

The operation removed Vernon’s tumour but he was given check-ups to ensure he was cancer free. And, in November last year, he had his last appointment.

He added: ‘I shall always be grateful to the staff.’