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A MUM has praised staff at a pub for their swift action when her son had an epileptic fit, fell to the ground and split his head.

Patricia Hemmens, 73, from Gosport, had gone to the Oast and Squire pub, in Fareham, for a meal with her disabled son Davy on Easter Sunday.

When they were leaving the pub Davy, 48, from Locks Heath, had an epileptic fit and cut his head.

Mrs Hemmens said: ‘They called 999, and kept Davy calm until the paramedics arrived.

‘We only got their names – Nigel, Steve and Keith – so could not write to them personally.’

Mrs Hemmens said the trio acted quickly and correctly, and she also praised the manageress for helping and the paramedic.

Davy, who’d had an epileptic fit four days before and cut his head which had needed stitches, was taken to the Queen Alexandra Hospital and had his head stitched back up.

Mrs Hemmens added: ‘Davy has recovered well and sends his best wishes and thanks to all. I am very grateful for all the help given by everyone.’