Push for football fans to join donor list

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POMPEY fans are being encouraged to show the red card to organ transplant waiting lists.

Portsmouth Football Club is supporting NHS Blood and Transplant’s Sign for Life campaign.

Anthony Clarkson, assistant director for organ donation and transplantation, said: ‘We are asking all football fans on match day to take a moment to reflect not just on their team’s result, but on whether they would like to help others to live after they have died by donating their organs.

‘We are delighted that Portsmouth FC is supporting this campaign to encourage their fans to join the organ donor register, showing that they want to save and improve the lives of others.

‘If we are to reduce the number of people who die waiting for a transplant, we need more families to agree to organ donation.

‘Football is our national sport and if Portsmouth fans can be inspired by their passion for the game to support organ donation, they would offer hope to all those waiting for a transplant.’