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MORE work needs to be done to encourage people to take up their invitation for a free NHS health check.

In Portsmouth 13 pharmacies and 25 GP practices are signed up to give an NHS Health Check to eligible patients.

But figures show that between April and September, only 30 per cent of those invited had the check.

Amanda McKenzie, health checks manager, said: ‘Nationally the target is 75 per cent, in Portsmouth our aspiration is to get to 40 per cent.

‘If you have a letter inviting you for a free check then we urge you to come along.

‘The idea is to catch health problems early so they can be dealt with or managed as soon as possible.’

People aged between 40 to 74 who do not have any existing health problems are invited to have a health check.

The appointment lasts around half an hour and things like blood pressure and cholesterol are checked.

If there are any problems, you are referred to your GP.

If not, you are invited for another test in five years’ time.