QA boss hails ‘remarkable’ NHS as service gears up to mark its 70th anniversary

Mark Cubbon, the chief executive of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
Mark Cubbon, the chief executive of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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As part of The News’ drive to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS, the chief executive of Portsmouth NHS Hospitals Trust Mark Cubbon explains why he believes it should be valued

AMID the challenges facing the NHS, it is easy to forget how far we have come in 70 years.

Those are the thoughts of Mark Cubbon, the chief executive of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust ahead of the NHS celebrating its 70th anniversary in July.

In a blog talking about the service and the importance of this landmark year, the Queen Alexandra Hospital boss praised the ‘remarkable’ service and its dedicated staff.

He said: ‘Somewhat remarkably, reaching your 70th year isn’t quite the milestone it once was.

‘We are all living longer, meaning that becoming 70 can pass without too much fanfare.

‘However, this won’t be the case for the NHS’s 70th birthday in July, which will rightly be the cause of much celebration across the country.

‘Amid the backdrop of financial challenge and increasing demand, it is all too easy to forget how far we have come since the service’s inception.

‘Innovations in treatment which were once thought impossible are now everyday occurrences and conditions which were once fatal are not only survivable, but beatable.’

Mr Cubbon added: ‘The NHS is a brand that is instantly recognised and respected, and has core values that remain as relevant today as they were in 1948.

‘It is truly remarkable and it is right that we should make time to come together to acknowledge it.

‘Many of us and our families owe a huge debt of gratitude to the service.

‘What better opportunity is there to not only share its successes but also thank all those who have contributed to them.’

On Thursday, The News launched its countdown to July 5 and the NHS turning 70 by asking 70 people what the service means to them.

So far, we have explored the history of the NHS and the incredible medical advances that have occurred over the years.

As part of the coverage between now and July, we want people to share their stories and experiences of the NHS.

Whether you are a patient or employee, we want to hear your thoughts.

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