QA bullying report: Discrimination is a ‘potential area of concern’, says expert

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INCIDENTS of racism at Portsmouth’s QA Hospital were not common, a new report has said, but did include a new starter being told: ‘We grow our own here.’

The revelation comes in a new report on the hospital which uncovered hundreds of staff working in ‘toxic’ departments with evidence of bullying.

Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham

Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham

In his report, Professor Duncan Lewis said discrimination was a ‘potential area of concern’.

An incident included a non-UK consultant overhearing another consultant who said: ‘Send them back to where they come from.’

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Another worker said: ‘Only English people should be allowed to do this job.’

And one said: ‘I don’t know why so many Asian doctors are coming to take our posts.’

The bullying report recommended ‘diversity and inclusion should be more prominent in trust strategies’.

Staff from ethnic minorities said they had been given menial tasks while white British staff refused to help even if they were the same grade and were not busy at the time. Other people reported conversations that were racist and sexist.

There were also ‘offensive and derogatory’ jokes and banter.

Little changed when managers were told, the report added.

Chief executive Mark Cubbon said racist comments were by individuals, and should ‘not be seen as representative of the views of all staff’. He added more is being done to listen to staff from minority ethnic backgrounds.