QA bullying report: Staff reveal they ‘come to work crying’ and have confidence destroyed

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UPSET staff have laid bare how bullying and victimisation at QA Hospital has left them dejected and isolated.

The revelation comes in a new report on the hospital which uncovered hundreds of staff working in ‘toxic’ departments with evidence of bullying.

Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham

Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham

Examples given to Professor Duncan Lewis showed how staff had suffered panic attacks, inability to sleep, anxiety and depression after being subjected to inappropriate behaviour.

Some had been made to feel they were not welcome with a boy’s club culture.

People told investigators:

:: 'I am very angry that I have had to give up things – my home, my church, my choir, my friends”

:: 'I feel isolated and alone. I have never felt so beaten and so sad. I care about the patients and the team I work with, but I have had every ounce of confidence knocked out of me”

:: 'I come to work crying every morning. I am so scared. Whatever I do will be wrong. I can’t sit in the same room as her without shaking”.

Havant MP Alan Mak said: ‘While this report has broadly said that Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust is “well-led”, it does raise some important issues on staff welfare.

‘I’m sure that the leadership team will be looking closely at the recommendations, and I support any action that can be taken to reduce workplace harassment and bullying.’

The report was due to be discussed at 9.45am today at the lecture theatre at QA Hospital.