QA consultant is miles ahead in the country

TOP MAN Amjad Parvaiz with the da Vinci robot at Queen Alexandra Hospital
TOP MAN Amjad Parvaiz with the da Vinci robot at Queen Alexandra Hospital
Queen Alexandra Hospital

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IT’S official – Queen Alexandra Hospital has, by far, the best colorectal consultant in the country.

The first-ever surgeon outcomes show Amjad Parvaiz has carried out the most procedures in the country, with a zero per cent mortality rate.

The figures have been published by the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland.

It shows that Mr Parvaiz, a consultant surgeon, has carried out 165 operations – the most in the country – with the next surgeon trailing behind at less than 120.

And all of those operated on by Mr Parvaiz have survived, making him a top doctor.

Mr Parvaiz said: ‘We knew for a very long time that our results are better, but we what we didn’t realise was by how much.

‘And that’s in terms of both volume we do and the zero per cent mortality we have, which is very good.

‘It’s great to see my results, and I think that’s very much to do with making sure the patient is happy.

‘We take every opportunity to look after the patient, and I have my colleagues to thank for that.

‘We work as a team, which is why we have such brilliant outcomes.’

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs QA, said it does not comment on the performance of individual consultants.

Syd Rapson is the former chairman of the board of governors for PHT, who recently stepped down.

He said: ‘The trust is very grateful to have him.

‘He reflects the beliefs of the trust in being the best, and he is of immense benefit for the community.’

Now Mr Parvaiz is at the forefront of bringing futuristic surgery to QA.

He is a champion of the £2.4m Da Vinci Robot, which provides high-tech keyhole surgery.

The hospital started using the robot in May this year.

The five areas the robot is being used in at QA are upper gastrointestinal (GI), urology, colorectal, gynaecology and head and neck.