QA Hospital buoyed by new report

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PORTSMOUTH Hospitals NHS Trust has welcomed a new report into care at Queen Alexandra Hospital which found it bucks the national trend for having higher mortality rates at the weekend.

Research company Dr Foster found that, nationally, patients admitted at weekends are 10 per cent more likely to die compared with those admitted Monday to Friday.

The report concluded weekend treatment was ‘risky’ in England.

But its figures for QA show death rates fell within expected levels for both weekend and weekday admissions.

A spokeswoman for Portsmouth Hospital Trust said: ‘Patient care and safety remains the highest priority of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and we welcome Dr Foster’s independent assessment. We are pleased with their reporting which finds our services are performing well and within expected outcomes, including the assessment for weekend mortality rates.’

She added: ‘We are particularly pleased that the assessment has recognised our good work in relation to hip fractures. This is the most common reason for acute emergency admission to our trauma wards.

‘Dr Foster has recognised our effective treatment of a high number of patients with hip fractures within the recommended two-day period.

‘However we are not complacent and will continue to work hard on areas that still require improvement.’