QA Hospital’s maternity website is a smash hit with mums

Sarah Barton with the app
Sarah Barton with the app
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AN online maternity app that gives mums-to-be vital information has received interest from as far afield as Scotland.

Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham has launched its My Birthplace website, which gives mums birthing information, as well as the different locations they can have their babies, and risk statistics.

It has proved so popular with parents that other hospital trusts in the UK have contacted Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust to buy it, including one in Scotland.

Gill Walton, director of midwifery, said: ‘It’s fantastic that we have received so much interest from other hospitals in the UK.

‘We expected it to be used just for parents and their families in Portsmouth.

‘But now others are interested, it’s great.

‘All they would need to do is change the locations where mums can give birth.’

Last year Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs QA, was given £72,000 by the Health Foundation to develop the programme and launch it.

After a successful trial in October and November of last year, women throughout Portsmouth and the surrounding areas are being told about it by their midwives.

Ms Walton added: ‘It is very exciting to have the app launched.

‘When we trialled it, parents liked it which is great because women in the city helped us design it.

‘We just wanted to give parents the chance to make their own choice after getting advice from friends, family and the midwives.

‘For first-time parents, they get a lot of advice but the app makes it easy.

‘It shows that there is a low risk in birth no matter if that is at home or in the hospital.

‘It shows they might have a centre nearer to where they live in which to have the baby.

‘All the facts and figures are easily available and easy to understand. One parents see and use the app, they can have a chat with the midwife and talk about their options.’

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