QA Hospital team wins award for blood clot prevention

Toby Meredith (Media Porduction Manager, University of Portsmouth), Liz Hawes (Research Nurse, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust), and Simon Toh (Consultant Surgeon, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust)

A HOSPITAL team has picked up an award for its work to prevent blood clots.

Queen Alexandra Hospital’s deep vein thrombosis project team were named the winners at the Anticoagulation Achievement Awards for the best work for the prevention of hospital-acquired thrombosis.

They received a trophy and £1,000 bursary.

Simon Toh, consultant surgeon who led the QA Hospital team, said: ‘There is overwhelming clinical evidence, 
embedded in approved national guidelines, to support prevention, protection and improved patient outcomes and experience.

‘We hope these awards will not only recognise the outstanding work of the medical centres, teams and individuals involved, but also act as a learning resource for others.’

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