QA low in league tables for length of waiting lists

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QUEEN Alexandra Hospital is failing to meet targets for the amount of time people should be waiting for treatment.

The government has set a benchmark that hospitals should see 90 per cent of patients referred by GPs within 18 weeks.

But latest figures from the Department of Health show that in June 2011, only 71 per cent of patients referred to the Cosham hospital were seen within that time frame.

The figures put QA as one of the worst-performing hospitals in the area.

It falls behind Southampton General Hospital (78 per cent), Salisbury District Hospital (93 per cent), Royal Bournemouth Hospital (90.3 per cent), and Winchester Hospital (88 per cent).

The information, which relates to patients being treated in hospital, show that five per cent of people who went to the hospital had to wait more than 26 weeks for treatment.

But on average, half of patients were treated within 14 weeks.

Jock McLees, chairman of Portsmouth Link, has said the figures put the city’s hospital very low in league tables.

He said: ‘Portsmouth figures are improving, but they are still very low down on league tables of waiting times and hope to see them improve very soon.

‘Nationally acute hospitals are struggling, but it does seem Portsmouth is down compared to that.

‘We are aware of the situation and will be watching to see what the hospital trust does about it.

‘It’s important that hospitals keep as close to the 18 months rule as possible.

‘Some patient needs can be less urgent – although to them it will obviously be very important and need to be treated. But the hospital must explain carefully and clearly what is happening to the patient.’

Figures for waiting lists for July are expected to be released next week.

No-one from the hospital was avialable to comment.