QA obesity team in Portsmouth are praised as lifesavers 

The Integrated Complex Obesity Service at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
The Integrated Complex Obesity Service at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
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A NURSE who used to be obese has praised a team in the hospital trust she works at for saving her life.

Vicki Fisher, who works at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham, worked with the Integrated Complex Obesity Service (ICOS) within Portsmouth Hospitals Trust after a friend recommended it.

The 36-year-old said: ‘This team saved my friend’s life and given her a new one. She is now fit and well enough to play and care for her young son.

‘They are now helping me. I have never felt judged or made to feel bad, which hasn't always been my experience.

Vicki nominated the team for the hospital trust’s Pride of Portsmouth Award and the group picked up the Patient’s Choice Award at an event last week.

She said: ‘I believe this service doesn't get the recognition it deserves. The entire team are understanding, highly skilled and so supportive.

‘They have to work and educate against social labels and assumptions that all obese people are that way through sheer laziness and greed.’

‘Thanks to them, I will live to see 40.’

Senior Dietitian Jilla King said: ‘We were touched by the patient citation about how our service has helped this person to improve their life and how we as a team approach our patients without judgement.  

‘As the dietitian in the ICOS team, I am passionate about motivating and supporting people who are overweight and in bringing about dietary and lifestyle changes that will ultimately improve their quality of life.’

On average 100 patients are started on the ICOS programme each year in Portsmouth.

She added: ‘This award gives us a great boost to our morale and gives us reassurance that we are meeting the needs of our patients and local community.’