QA ranked top nationally for its hip fracture care

The Queen Alexandra Hospital at Cosham
The Queen Alexandra Hospital at Cosham

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QUEEN Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth has been ranked first in the country for achieving quality standards for hip fracture care.

The latest National Hip Fracture Database report shows the Cosham hospital comes up tops on a range of things.

This includes quality indicators such as admitting patients within four hours, ensuring patients have hip surgery within two days of being admitted, and discharging patients promptly.

The trust treated 736 patients with hip fractures in 2012/13.

Figures show that 82.8 per cent of patients were admitted to an orthopaedic ward within four hours, compared to the national average of 50 per cent.

Dr Sue Poulton, consultant orthogeriatrician at QA, said: ‘Queen Alexandra Hospital year-on-year continues to be one of the highest ranked hospitals in all aspects of the audit.

‘This is a reflection of the commitment to provide the highest quality care to this vulnerable group of patients.

‘I’m very proud of our achievement and would like to thank the whole team for their continued efforts.’

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs QA, has had a specialist hip fracture ward since 2004, and has an experienced orthogeriatric consultant supported by a specialist orthopaedic team.

Simon Holmes, medical director for PHT, said: ‘Our hospital has achieved fantastic results with regards to a number of quality indicators, and has seen year-on-year improvements.

‘We will continue to work to maintain and further improve the high standards at QA, ensuring the best quality care for these patients.

‘Hip fractures are usually the result of a fall and are almost always treated with surgery.’