QA specialist set to revolutionise keyhole surgery

EXPERT Consultant Dae Kim.  Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (122451-1)
EXPERT Consultant Dae Kim. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (122451-1)
Queen Alexandra Hospital

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A HOSPITAL consultant says he is ready to revolutionise the way keyhole surgery is carried out in Portsmouth.

Dae Kim is an ear, nose and throat consultant at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

HI-TECH The Da Vinci robot

HI-TECH The Da Vinci robot

The specialist carries out thyroid surgery and has been trained in a technique which allows him to remove lumps from the throat without leaving scars.

Mr Kim said: ‘Using endoscopes I am able to access the throat with a much smaller incision, which means there is a less-visible scar.

‘But for certain lumps, I am able to go through under the arm, which means it is scarless surgery.’

Mr Kim is also the only fully-trained surgeon who will be able to use the Da Vinci robot – the latest piece of equipment the Rocky Appeal is raising money for.

At around £1.6m, surgeons say the equipment will enhance the way operations are performed. The robot can perform keyhole surgery which means surgeons will be able to look inside a patient without having to cut into them.

The machine will be control-led by specially-trained consultants – such as Mr Kim – and with the use of cameras will be able to locate tumours in places like the head and throat.

It is thought the technology will help remove cancer tumours in hard-to-access areas such as the prostate and uterus.

Mr Kim went to the Severance Robot Andmis Center, in Korea, where hehad four months of training.

He said: ‘It’s important you go away for a certain amount of time to understand how to use it and then you will be more advanced.

‘In Korea they have carried out 6,000 operations in seven years, which is amazing.

‘It has revolutionised thyroid surgery by going through the armpit using the robot.

‘It is a procedure that started off endoscopically. The robot will enable us to finesse the procedure and make it so much easier.

‘Everything will be more slick and we hope to get patients in from further afield and do greater volumns of the surgery.’

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