Queen Alexandra Hospital meal costs revealed

Shukrya Saida signs up for further information and vouchers, helped by Shona Green. Picture: Vernon Nash

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QUEEN Alexandra Hospital spends a healthy amount of money on food in the south east.

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust – which runs the Cosham hospital – spends £10.44 a day per patient on three meals and six drinks.

That’s compared to £9.26 for Southampton, £8.29 for Salisbury and £8.46 for St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester.

The figures were released by the NHS Information Centre, which found some trusts were spending as little as 90p per meal and some were forking out £20 a day.

Glen Hewlett, director of development at QA, said: ‘We strive to achieve the best value, but the quality of our food is also very close to our hearts.

‘This has been reflected by the trust receiving an “excellent” rating for food in the August.’