Queen Alexandra Hospital surgeon to be handed GMC warning

SURGERY Queen Alexandra Hospital
SURGERY Queen Alexandra Hospital
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A SURGEON could escape with a warning after a man nearly died during a botched operation to donate a kidney to his dad.

Kamal Abusin, a consultant in renal transplant surgery, operated on the patient at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

But the dad-of-two was left with kidney failure and needing a transplant from his sister following the procedure.

The patient, who has not been named, was in his mid 30s when he decided to go ahead with the operation in the hope of giving his dad a better quality of life in retirement.

He received more than 100 units of blood and fluid transfusions and was in hospital for two months after undergoing the procedure in 2008.

The patient was awarded £6.7m in damages in February after The High Court heard his life has been shortened by about 10 years as a result.

He has to undergo dialysis and faces his condition deteriorating further and another transplant.

But now a General Medical Council panel has recommended that Mr Abusin should receive a formal warning – but not be struck off – following a Fitness To Practice hearing.

Mr Abusin was accused of taking an inappropriate course of action while removing the patient’s right kidney, using an alternative method of removal of the kidney and not discussing the increased risks of the method with the patient.

He was also accused of not treating a haemorrhage appropriately.

The panel in London found Mr Abusin failed to talk through the risks of alternative removal, make proper medical notes and respond to General Medical Council requests for his employers’ details.

However he was not found to be negligent in his methods of removal or treating the haemorrhage.

The recommendation will now go to another General Medical Council panel for consideration at a date yet to be set.