Reminder to get flu jab and protect people

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THOSE at risk of catching the flu are being reminded to get vaccinated.

Hampshire County Council’s lead on public health Councillor Liz Fairhurst, is backing the national flu jab campaign and urging everyone who is eligible to get the vaccine.

Anyone aged 65 or over, or who has a pre-existing medical condition, pregnant women and, all two and three year olds will be called by their GP to get a vaccination.

Full time carers of anyone who is ill, elderly or disabled is also eligible for the free vaccine.

A nasal spray vaccine is being offered to healthy two and three year old children.

Cllr Fairhurst said: ‘I urge everyone who is eligible to get the vaccine and help protect themselves and their families this winter.

‘Flu can be very serious for older people and those at risk of developing complications.

‘This year, young children will also be vaccinated to stop the spread of the virus, including brothers, sisters, grandparents and those who are at increased risk.

‘This is the first step in an extension to a national flu vaccination programme, which will see all two to 16 year olds vaccinated.’