Reminder to report any blood in the urine to GP

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PEOPLE are being reminded to look out for one of the symptoms of bladder or kidney cancer – blood in your urine.

It’s the latest element of the Be Clear on Cancer campaign, which says people should look out for ‘blood in their pee’.

Even if people notice it only once, the advice is to make an appointment to see their GP and get it checked.

Dr David Chilvers is chairman of the Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group.

He said the check could save lives.

Dr Chilvers said: ‘It’s important to remember that nine out of 10 people with blood in their urine won’t have bladder cancer at all, so there is no need to worry unduly.

‘An infection, or kidney or bladder stones can have similar symptoms.

‘However, it’s a sensible precaution to see your GP if you do notice blood when you visit the loo.

‘Don’t let embarrassment prevent you seeking help.’

The campaign runs until November 20.

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