Reminder to see if you can still give blood

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PEOPLE coming back from their holidays are being reminded to donate blood if it is safe to do so.

NHS Blood and Transplant organises blood donor sessions across the country.

A manager for the south-east said that people need to remember to donate blood if they can.

John Canning, lead donor relations manager for NHSBT, said: ‘We need to maintain healthy blood stocks all year round to make sure patients get the blood they need whenever they need it.

‘Some of our donors might have recently been abroad to somewhere that means they need to take a short break from donating.

‘So whether you’ve donated before or are thinking about giving blood for the first time, check out if your foreign holiday has affected whether you can donate now.

‘If you can donate, please book an appointment to give blood and save lives.

‘You never know when you or your loved one may need a life saving transfusion.’

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