Residents in nursing homes get flu jabs

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MORE than 500 care home residents have received the flu jab to help protect them against the effects of it during the winter months.

In total, 528 people in 23 nursing and care homes in Gosport were visited by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust’s care home team.

They worked with nursing staff to administer the flu vaccine as part of the Better Local Care strategy to concentrate on prevention as a way of delivering healthcare in the region.

Lorraine Berry, from Woodcot Lodge, in Rowner Road, said: ‘We much prefer this approach as it ensures all our residents were vaccinated at the very beginning of October, before flu is likely to hit, and they were happier having it administered by a familiar staff member.

‘We can now be reassured our residents are less likely to catch flu and suffer from potentially serious consequences.’

Those aged 65 and over are at higher risk of developing serious complications from flu, which can lead to a hospital stay.