Richard’s asthma improves thanks to cycling

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DETERMINED Richard Carver will join scores of other people with asthma for a charity bike ride.

The 36-year-old mechanic, from Havant, will take part in the Asthma UK’s 140-mile Beach-to-Beach Bike Ride for the second year running after reaping the benefits of doing it last year.

Hundreds of cyclists will travel along the south coast from Bournemouth to Brighton, taking in the views of the South Downs with an overnight stay in East Meon.

Mr Carver said buying a bicycle five years ago changed his life.

He used to fall ill frequently because of his asthma and developed bronchitis most winters.

He used his inhalers regularly and could not participate in the same activities as his friends without getting breathless.

But cycling changed all that, helping his condition and also allowing him to lose three stone.

He gradually built up the time he could ride for and by 2009 he was riding 10 miles to work and back most days.

Mr Carver said: ‘I loved taking part in the Beach-to-Beach ride last year and can’t wait to do it again.

‘Thanks to cycling, I am fitter and can enjoy my life more.

‘It has helped my asthma tremendously and I would encourage other people with asthma to take it up.’

The event, on May 19 and 20, will be aiming to raise money to fund more research into the condition.