Room named after home’s first resident

HONOUR Brenda Osbourne
HONOUR Brenda Osbourne
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AN ELDERLY woman has been honoured by a new nursing home.

Staff at Harry Sotnick House in Buckland named the living room after Brenda Osbourne, 92, who was the home’s first resident.

The house in Cranleigh Avenue features the latest innovations in elderly and dementia care and is jointly run by Portsmouth City Council and Care UK.

It stands on the same spot as the former Harry Sotnick House which was demolished in February 2007 after closing its doors to residents four months earlier.

Residents were moved to other care homes after the facility had fallen into disrepair – it would have cost £1m to repair a damaged sewerage system.

Brenda’s daughter Deborah Manghan said: ‘Alzheimer’s disease is the cruellest of diseases, but since mum moved into Harry Sotnick House, I feel a great deal happier and relaxed, because I know she is in a safe and beautiful environment and is being looked after by people who care.’