Scheme to join up health care is welcomed by GPs

A doctor takes a blood pressure reading and below, Dr David Chilvers
A doctor takes a blood pressure reading and below, Dr David Chilvers
Queen Alexandra Hospital

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Doctors have spoken of their delight at being selected as an area to try providing more joined-up care for patients.

Hampshire has been selected to test out a scheme which will see GPs and community health workers working together to provide faster care for patients.

NHS England is spending around £200m nationally to set up 29 multi-specialty community provider (MCP) networks, which includes Hampshire.

In total there were 269 bids.

It means nurses, hospital specialists, therapists and other community-based professionals from Southern Health NHS Trust, will work within select GP practices in south-east Hampshire, including Gosport and Petersfield, to provide joined-up care.

This could involve GP practices staying open longer or mental health workers being present in GP surgeries.

Dr Donal Collins is a partner at Brockhurst Medical Centre, which will be one of the surgeries trialling the scheme.

He said: ‘I’m thrilled to hear our bid has been successful.

‘The clinicians and managers involved in this bid believe this will create a system that will work for the patient, create a sustainable future for care out of the hospital setting.’

Dr David Chilvers, chairman of Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group, said: ‘If you are someone with several health problems, you will already recognise frustrations of being passed from one service to another.

‘We now have a superb opportunity to develop a new approach which can stop those frustrations.’