Sewing team give boost to QA

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THE Sewing Room’s staff at Queen Alexandra Hospital have raised £500 for the new Patient Experience Fund.

The funds were raised by asking staff, who wanted adjustments to their non-work clothing, for donations which are collected and given to a good cause every few months.

In August, the chosen charity was the Patient Experience and Liaison Service Fund – which recently opened and is based in the Portsmouth Hospitals Charity.

Lee Wiltshire and Janet Harris said: ‘Lots of staff here at QA ask to have their trousers taken up or dresses shortened.

‘We ask for a donation and any work we do goes into the charity money pot.

‘We try to do lots of community work, like painting schools, repairing gardens.

‘Sarah Balchin approached us with ideas for Patient Experience, so we decided where the money should go.’

Sarah, who is the head of Patient Experience, said: ‘The Patient Experience Charity was launched in response to some feedback from patients, family members and carers, which told us we need to make some small but significant changes.

‘We would also like to grow our volunteer community who help with our quality improvements, and give them some training opportunities.

‘This cheque means we will be able to continue some of those developments with the support of the Sewing Room and Carillion.’