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DOCTORS want to hear people’s views on how much IVF treatment should be available on the NHS.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) has updated guidelines regarding funding for In-Vitro Fertilisation, and as a result the NHS is now asking public health specialists to review this.

In the Portsmouth area, the criteria is more strict than Nice guidelines, with women getting treatment up to the age of 35, compared to Nice guidelines of up to 42.

Couples in the Portsmouth area cannot use frozen sperm, as national guidelines suggest, and can have only one cycle of treatment compared to three according to Nice guidelines.

And couples must be non-smoking and the woman have a Body Mass Index of between 19 and 29, compared to Nice guidelines to advise couples to stop smoking, or offer weight-loss help to women with a BMI of more than 29.

As part of the review, Clinical Commissioning Groups, which pay for health services, in Fareham and Gosport, Portsmouth and South Eastern Hampshire, are also seeking views from the public.

Dr David Chilvers, lead of the F&G CCG, said: ‘Each of the CCGs are keen to ensure the views of the community are heard alongside the views of clinicians, before any decisions are made.

‘We want to hear from people living across Hampshire regarding this issue.’

Views must be in by October 19, to take part visit