Sheriff praises the facilities at QA Hospital

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THE High Sheriff of Hampshire has praised the facilities at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Alan Lovell recently visited the Cosham hospital and dubbed the services and facilities there ‘impressive’.

He took a tour of the hospital’s pathology laboratories and critical care unit.

He learnt how the laboratories deal with more than 4,000 different samples a day and boast a fully automated robotic production line – the longest and most advanced of its kind in the country.

He also spent time in the critical care unit which offers some of the most advanced medical technology in the south. In both areas he spent time speaking to staff about the various jobs they do.

Mr Lovell said: ‘I was thrilled to be able to visit Queen Alexandra Hospital to see the work they do. The pathology labs were fantastic. It is amazing how much work goes on behind the scenes to support what the patient actually sees and experiences on the wards. The critical care units were equally impressive.’