Simple rhyme for Queen Alexandra Hospital no smoking sign

DESIGNER Anne Jenner with her poster.  Picture: Allan Hutchings (120344-024)
DESIGNER Anne Jenner with her poster. Picture: Allan Hutchings (120344-024)
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ANNE Jenner is hoping a simple rhyme will stop people lighting up outside the entrance of Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.

The 53-year-old is the latest entrant in our poster competition, which aims to get smokers using designated shelters at the Cosham hospital.

And it’s something Anne, of St Mary’s Road, Portsmouth, feels passionate about.

She said: ‘I used to smoke, but I gave up a long time ago with my ex-husband.

‘I love doing art and when I saw this competition I thought I would enter as I like making up slogans.’

For her design Anne has come up with the phrase ‘congregating smokers equals patient chokers’.

‘I’m not anti-smoking, but I don’t think it’s right people smoke outside the hospital building,’ added Anne.

‘It must be heartbreaking for doctors to see their patients, who they are trying to help get better, be stood outside having a cigarette.

‘It’s horrible to see someone with a drip outside having a smoke, while other people walk through that.

‘Smoking shelters are put there for a reason, but some people are too lazy to walk over there. I hope the poster encourages people to change this.’

Anne, who is a full-time carer for her disabled daughter Victoria, 11, says people should try giving up with the use of nicotine replacement therapy. I know the hospital can’t force people to stop smoking, but they do offer help,’ she added.

‘My poster has got a catchy image as well as a slogan, so hopefully lots of people can get the message.’

The hospital has launched a poster competition – backed by The News – aimed at encouraging people to stop smoking outside entrances.

The competition is open to people of all ages and can be done electronically or by hand.The winning design will be made into a poster and its designer will win £100. Second prize wins £75, while third prize is £50. The closing date for the competition is February 28. Send your poster, along with the completed voucher, below, to: QA Poster Competition, The News Centre, Hilsea, Portsmouth, PO2 9SX. You can also email designs to