Sir Ben Ainslie supports Sail 4 Cancer day

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DOZENS of families affected by cancer met Sir Ben Ainslie at a charity sailing event today.

The Olympic yachtsman was invited to meet families at Port Hamble Marina by Sail 4 Cancer, which holds events for people who have or have had cancer and their families.

Sir Ben Ainslie with 13-year-old Louise Dalgleish

Sir Ben Ainslie with 13-year-old Louise Dalgleish

Sir Ben, the charity’s patron, told The News: ‘I am here with Sail 4 Cancer which holds a number of days like this to get people who have cancer or are recovering from it to have a fun day out.

‘I am very passionate as seine who has been involved in the sport my whole life.’

Jeannie Dalgleish was at the event with her 13-year-old daughter, Louise, who has fanconi anaemia.

She said: ‘Louise had a bone marrow transplant in 2012 in London. We got involved in Sail 4 Cancer this year. It is a great thing for people with cancer and their families.’

Louise added: ‘It was really good to meet Ben.’

Lizette van Niekerk, fundraising manager for Sail 4 Cancer, said: ‘We are so grateful for his support. He really gets what we are all about’