Sisters-in-law cycle in memory of Andy Prowting

Sarah Prowting, left, and Sarah Barclay
Sarah Prowting, left, and Sarah Barclay
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THE sister and fiancée of a young man who died are making a 350-mile cycling pilgrimage to his favourite beauty spot.

Andy Prowting died in December after a battle with skin cancer that saw generous supporters raise almost £60,000 to send him to Texas for treatment.

The 24-year-old, from Leigh Park, did not make it as the cancer was too far advanced.

But in November he and his family visited the Lake District for an idyllic weekend and proposed to his girlfriend Sarah Barclay.

Now Sarah, and Andy’s sister Sarah Prowting, are about to embark on a tough cycle ride back to the treasured location in an uphill journey which they say they know will be challenging but they are ready for.

Miss Prowting, a 27-year-old newsagent, said: ‘Andy fought really, really hard and what we’re doing will never compare to what he did but we are prepared to work hard.

‘The Lake District was Andy’s favourite place.

‘It was where he proposed to Sarah too, which made it extra special.

‘Andy showed so much courage, strength and determination.

‘He fought a lot.

‘We’ve got to show him we can do it and make him proud.

‘We know he’s going to be with us all the way.

‘If Andy could fight as hard as he did, we can do this.’

The ride begins on Sunday and will take up to six days.

Friend Natalie Churchill and Sarah Barclay’s mum Alison Goodson will act as support drivers.

When Andy knew there was nothing more that could be done for him he asked that the money raised for his treatment in Texas be donated to the teenage and young adult cancer unit at Southampton General Hospital where he was treated.

Sarah and Sarah are raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, which funds the unit.

They have raised £750 so far.

Daily updates will be posted on the Facebook page Andy’s Army Sponsored Bike Ride.

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