Solicitor helps unravel truth about hospital

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LAWYER Melanie Lidstone-Land has contributed to a television documentary that filmed inside Britain’s most secure psychiatric hospital.

Mrs Lidstone-Land, who works for mental health law fim Swain & Co Solicitors in Havant, features in the final episode of an ITV documentary called Broadmoor.

She said: ‘Broadmoor has a reputation for being more like a prison than a hospital.

‘It will be very interesting to see what people feel about it after the programme and realise that the patients are human beings not monsters.’

It is the first time access has been granted to a TV crew into the hospital.

The TV company offered Swain & Co the option of pixelating Mrs Lidstone-Land’s face, but the firm believes the documentary sheds light on the realities of mental health and shows how legal representation can help sufferers.