Sound of music helps recovery at West Sussex NHS centre

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SINGING and music has been helping patients at centre in Chichester.

Patients at Donald Wilson House at St Richard’s Hospital are visited every Thursday by members of the Inclusive Music and Movement group.

The centre is a specialist neurological rehabilitation centre, providing care for people who may have MS, or have suffered a stroke, or experienced serious brain or spinal injury, and is run by Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The group, with NHS hospital staff, lead the patients in an hour of song and music.

The patients are able to move or dance to the music, giving them a chance to improve their co-ordination, strength and balance, while demonstrating both to themselves, and to staff, how much progress they have made in the last week.

Some patients who cannot talk find they can sing. Others see movement returning, and others just love the chance to express themselves.

Ward sister Moira Whitlock said: ‘I wanted to bring people together so that they could interact with each other, they could feel good about things, they could smile, and the way to do that was through movement and music.

‘It means we can also look at cognition, co-ordination, and attention.’