Southern Health gives parents its top tips ahead of first day of school

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PARENTS have been given some top tips for their children’s health as the first day of school approaches.

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust has given tips on how to make sure a parent knows their child is ready for school with September fast approaching.

These include: reading to children and encouraging them to read aloud in order to boost both their reading and listening skills.

The advice is also to encourage the child to be more physically active in order to improve coordination and movement skills, with physical activity seen as a key component of brain development.

Also, importance is attached to determining a child’s coordination skills, such as being able to use a knife and work well, which is said to boost their dexterity and confidence.

Finally, the trust says for parents to look at how independent their children are, notably if they are able to dress themselves in the morning and if they can go to the toilet independently. Oral health and up-to-date immunisations are also included.