Southsea GP reminds Muslims to look after health in Ramadan

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A CITY GP is asking Muslims fasting during Ramadan to find out more information about potential health implications if they have any on-going conditions.

During the holy month, which started on May 26, Muslims refrain from eating or drinking from dawn until sunset.

But Southsea GP Dr Jon Price is concerned those with underlying health issues could be putting themselves at risk.

Dr Price, clinical lead for Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group, said: ‘We fully understand The Quran requires Muslims to fast during Ramadan.

‘People who are ill or have certain medical conditions are not expected to fast but there are potential dangers for other people who have conditions such as diabetes.

‘Anyone in our community who is a Muslim with existing medical conditions and has any concerns about fasting should contact their GP for advice.

‘We’re not trying to interfere with an individual’s personal choice – just asking them to be careful with their health.’