Spinnaker Tower supporting World Encephalitis Day by lighting red

Louise Spencer, from Waterlooville, had encephalitis
Louise Spencer, from Waterlooville, had encephalitis
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THE Spinnaker Tower will be joining landmarks around the world in lighting up red to support World Encephalitis Day.

This evening, the Portsmouth attraction is due to take part in raising awareness for the condition, which affects the brain and can be life-threatening.

Niagara Falls, Trafalgar Square and the Swan Bell Tower in Perth, Australia, are all taking part in the campaign organised by the Encephalitis Society.

Louise Spencer, from Waterlooville, was diagnosed with encephalitis when she was a young girl and caught it after being in contact with the mumps. She was rushed to Southampton General Hospital and was put in a coma.

Despite having a difficult time growing up, Louise says she is in a good place now and got good support from the charity.

She said: ‘I feel so lucky to be where I am now and with the support I have.

‘I also have found support from the Encephalitis Society as there was not much help like this when I was younger.’

Along with landmarks turning red, supporters are being asked to wear red and share pictures on social media using the hashtag #RED4WED.

Dr Ava Easton, chief executive of the Encephalitis Society said: ‘World Encephalitis Day is the most important day of the year for people who have been affected by the condition. It is the day when we all come together to make as much noise as possible.’

For more information visit worldencephalitisday.org.