‘Staff at the QA do an amazing job’

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The flu heatmap from flusurvey.org.uk - The map shows a gradient from no reported ILI (blue) to very high ILI (red).

How do you know if you have Australian flu as case numbers rocket?

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Because of the strains on the NHS, I wanted to highlight the amazing job that NHS staff do at Queen Alexandra Hospital. During my recent visit to the A&E department following health concerns, I found all staff to be very patient, friendly and caring.

They could not have done enough for me.

They were obviously extremely busy, but made me feel cared for.

I am referring to all staff, from porters to nurses and doctors.

I could not thank them enough for what they did for me.

I just hope Queen Alexandra Hospital survives to help my grandchildren in the future.

* This letter was submitted to The News by MW Bernice of Albert Road, Southsea