Staff do not recommend QA hospital

Queen Alexandra Hospital.
Queen Alexandra Hospital.
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FEWER than half of staff at Queen Alexandra Hospital would want family or friends to be treated there, a survey has indicated.

The study carried out by the Care Quality Commission also showed that only a third of staff would recommend Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs QA, as a place to work.

A total of 147 trusts across England were surveyed last year. Of the 6,200 staff employed by the hospital trust, a sample of 809 staff at QA were given the questionnaires and 477 returned them.

Portsmouth’s hospital trust was in the lowest 20 per cent of trusts in terms of staff who would recommend it as a place to work or have treatment and for work pressure felt by staff.

Only 65 per cent of those who answered felt satisfied with the quality of care they are able to provide – below the national average.

Tony Short, director of workforce and organisational development at the trust, said: ‘We are disappointed with some of the results from the staff survey and we recognise that our organisation has gone through a period of sustained change in the last couple of years.

‘The move from three hospitals into one, as well as the challenging financial situation faced by the trust and other NHS organisations may have been reflected in our results.

‘Having taken all this into consideration I feel the morale amongst our staff is very high and continues to be dedicated to further improving patient care.

‘We remain fully committed to working with, and engaging, all of our staff in the development and further improvement in the working environment and practices within the trust which in turn will be of benefit to our patients.’

Tiny Coley, the chairman of the Portsmouth health branch of Unison, says the survey only spoke to a small sample of staff.

He added: ‘If people are feeling low it’s because of the external pressures, it’s not internal in the trust.’


· 33 per cent would recommend Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust as a place to work, compared to the national average of 55 per cent.

· 45 per cent of staff would be happy if their friends or family were treated there, compared to the national average of 63 per cent.

· 87 per cent agree their roles make a different to patients, and 78 per cent feel valued by colleagues.