Support is available for those who want to quit smoking

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HELP is available for those who want to kick the habit ahead of a national stop-smoking awareness day.

Quit4Life, run by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, is one of the first ‘e-cigarette friendly’ NHS stop smoking services in the country.

It offers free support and advice to users of cigarettes and e-cigarettes to beat the habit, as well as making sure any medical conditions are monitored.

Councillor Liz Fairhurst, Hampshire County Council’s executive member for public health, said: ‘I would encourage any smoker to quit for No Smoking Day on Wednesday and join the 5,000-plus Hampshire residents who signed up to quit during Stoptober last year.

‘No Smoking Day is another great opportunity to quit and a chance to improve the health and wealth of you and your family.’ The council said that quitting smoking helps reduce the risk of heart disease and developing lung cancer, improves your general fitness and increases your sense of taste and smell.

And most smokers who quit save on average around £150 a month. Quit4Life provides free confidential advice and support for smokers of all ages through drop-in sessions, one-to-one help and a dedicated telephone support service with free patches and gum or a one-off prescription payment.

For help to quit or advice on e-cigarettes, contact Quit4Life on 0845 602 4663, text ‘quit’ to 60123 or visit